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ASC Vail 2012

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Trip Date:  February 11th - February 18th, 2012
Location:   Vail, Colorado
Trip With:  Atlanta Ski Club
Office:     770-650-6510 (Tu-Th 10am - 4pm)

Mountain Information

The largest single ski area in the USA with over 4000 acres of skiable terrain, and the most high-speed detachable quads on one mountain in the world, Vail markets itself as 'America's favorite resort.' It is certainly regarded by many as one of the world's top five all-around ski resorts. Vail's ski area is legendary. Stretching for 7 miles (11km) and served by 25 lifts, eight of them express quads; it has over 120 named trails. Expert skiers and powder fanatics have plenty of challenging terrain on Vail's Front side as well as the seven legendary 'Back Bowls.' For intermediates there's a huge variety of groomed cruising runs. There are numerous beginners slow skiing areas around the mountains and special family skiing areas. The longest run is from Flap Jack to Riva Ridge, a total of 4.5 miles (7.3km). The Front side terrain is unusually well balanced with almost a third of the skiing for each category of skier. The resort receives an average of 27 feet of light powder snow each year. 

Lodging Information

Vail lodging is at its best at the Vail Spa Condominiums; located in Lionshead, guests enjoy lodging which is conveniently located within walking distance to the Eagle Bahn Gondola, the new Vail Plaza, Arrabelle, and Vail Mountain. Each unit features a full kitchen, fireplace, and a washer & dryer. Property amenities include free local and long distance telephone calls, ski storage room, indoor/outdoor heated pools/Jacuzzis, complimentary wireless internet in lobby and common areas, 2 computers in lobby, complimentary fitness room, and 2 daily grocery trips. 

Wireless Information

Complimentary Wireless Internet in Lobby and Common Areas. Complimentary Wireless Internet in each condo 

Ski Shuttle Information

There is a free shuttle that runs from our lodging in the front and the back to the slopes. You can also choose to walk and is about 1/4-1/2 mile from the lift.

Contact Information

Below is the contact information for our lodging. They will not have rooming assignments or information pertaining to the group in particular. Please contact your Trip Leader for that information.

Front Desk Number: 1-877-570-8892

Early Check In for Early Arrivals

Check In Time is 4pm for normal checkin. If you are going to arrive ahead of our group please just let me know and we can get you access to your rooms.

Travel Information

Airline Information

Our flight schedule is below and is SUBJECT TO CHANGE by the airline at any time. Anyone joining us ground only is welcome to join us on the ground transportation but you MUST LAND in the airport BEFORE or AT the time we land AND you must let me know at least two weeks in advance you will be joining us at the shuttle. The ASC is not responsible of flight or shuttle time changes due to flight schedule changes as it is out of our control.

DL1816 ATL to DEN 8:10A/9:42A


DL1050 DEN to ATL 2:30P/7:16P

Some important notes for airline travel

While the required information you need to provide below is somewhat intrusive they are required by the TSA programs for all ticked passengers. We will be providing all the information to the travel agent that will in turn provide it to the airline and the airline will run it against the government flight status lists. Without this information the airline will not issue the ticket to us for you.

  • AIRLINE: The Office MUST have an accurate Name, Sex, and Birthdate and your airline ticket full name must EXACTLY match your government issued ID to issue you a ticket and for you to board. For domestic trips this would be your driver license and international trips this would be your passport. If your ticket information doesn’t match your government issued ID please contact the ASC office or your Trip Leader ASAP.
  • AIRLINE (International): The Office MUST have your Passport Number if traveling internationally to issue you a ticket. If you didn’t provide this information on your membership signup or didn’t provide one that matches your government documents please contact the office or your Trip Leader ASAP.
  • BAGGAGE: Baggage restrictions or costs surprise at least a few people each year. Majority of airlines now charge at least some money for checked baggage. Most checked bags cost $25-$35 per bag and ski/boot bags can count as one checked item. A 50 pound limit is strictly enforced. I highly suggest you review the up to date baggage rules from the airline at their website.
  • BAGGAGE: Ski bags "officially" per written policy should only contain skis along with boot bags should only contain boots. Then together should not exceed 50 pounds. While generally agents don't enforce these tight restrictions and you get away using your ski bag as extra general luggage a few agents do with a vengeance and will nail you with a oversize/overweight fees (Has cost members $100 before to get their stuffed ski/snowboard bag on the plane). 
  • TSA: The TSA and the security checkpoints has their own rules and regulations. If you don’t travel often you should review them at: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/
  • TSA (International): For international flights (this now includes Mexico and Canada) passport is required and that passport should have at least 10 months remaining before expiration.
It is HIGHLY recommended that you arrive at the airport AT LEAST 2.5 hours before your flight for domestic and 3 hours before your flight for international flights. Failure to do such depending on many airport factors may cause you to miss your flight or prevent you from checking bags. Extreme airport delays, especially at the baggage counter or security gates, can push these times where you may want to be there even earlier. Luggage check-in for a flight normally closes out 1 hours before the flight leaves.

Shuttle Information

Missed flight? Planning your own shuttle independent from the Group? No problem. Just make it to the destination airport and there are multiple companies that run shuttle up to or back from the resorts at least once if not multiple times during the day.


ASC Group Trip Information

Pre-Trip Party

Mark Wednesday, January 26th on your Calendar at 7:00pm. It is at Taco Mac at the Prado on Roswell Road.

What happen's if you can't make the Pre-Trip Party? The group would love to meet you but no problem. All the information discussed will be updated here and/or sent our by email.

Lift Tickets

A lift ticket form will be sent out by the office 30-45 days before the trip. Please complete the form and mail/fox it back in as quickly as possible. 

This form is due into the office by January 11th. If you have not completed the form by the due date or have not received the from please contract your Trip Leader.

Lift Tickets are handed out during the Welcome Reception after we arrive. The Trip Leader receives then upon checking in the group at the accommodations.

Rooming Assignments

We have done our best to assign rooms based on the information you provided during your sign up form. The rooming assignment list will be provided during the pre-trip party. While we do our best to not widely distribute the list for the list IS NOT considered private information and WILL BE distributed to the group and posted on this site. In the internet age its very simple for this list to make it to a larger group outside the trip by a single member. If you are concerned about your name being listed on the rooming list distributed please contact your Trip Leader and discuss the matter.

Your rooming assignments are in the the Pre-Trip packet. If you don't make the Pre-Trip meeting then they will be emailed to you.

Group Airline Travel

All airlines and travel agents have moved to an E-Ticket system. This basically is a alpha-numeric ID that along with your name identifies your ticket for online, kiosk, or agent checkin. Our airline tickets will be coming from a group batch of tickets that occasionally don't allow online checkin depending on airline and group ticket type.

Your E-Ticket numbers are in the Pre-Trip packet. If you don't make it to the Pre-Trip meeting then they will be emailed to you.

It is YOUR responsibility to be on time to the airport, make the flight, and make your movements from flight to flight if there is a layover. If you are unsure about the airport layout or would like some assistance either find a buddy in the group that knows the airport or routiene to stick with or feel free to use your Trip Leader as a guide, especially during airport transfers. If you are traveling internationally make sure you have your passport with you at all times (not in any luggage, including your carry on).

You will find your Trip Leader at the departure gate of the Atlanta airport 1 hour before the flight leaves. Please come by and check in with him so he at least knows you made your first flight. If you have any problems feel free to contact your Trip Leader any time by phone to his cell. 

Group Shuttle Transfers

It is YOUR responsibility to make it to the group shuttle transfers. If you are unsure about making it to baggage claim or making it to the shuttle find a buddy in the group that knows the airport or routine to stick with or feel free to use your Trip Leader as a guide.

Our meeting spot is near the baggage carousel where we pick up our bags at the destination airport. Look for your Trip Leader and group around him. Once everyone is together he will let you know where the shuttle is.

We will do our best to make sure everyone is with us and wait as long as possible before the shuttle leaves the destination but if you are held up by being a ground only passenger or on a customs hold the group may have to go on without you. If that happens then the shuttle options listed above "Shuttle Information" will be your best bet.

Group Weekly Activities

Here is a list of our events for the trip:
  • Welcome Reception*
  • Mountain "Picnic" Lunch*
  • Après-ski Locations
  • Hot Tub Time*
  • Group Lunch & Dinners Locations
  • Farewell / Pizza Party*
* These asterisked events are either free or costs covered by your Trip Leader.

Ski Rental and Storage Information

Ski Rental

I have two locations scouted out to pick from. Let them know your with the group from the Atlanta Ski Club!

Winter Ski and Sport:

Phone: 970-476-9457
Online Reservation: www.rentskis.com/atlantasc

Vail Ski Tech:

Phone: 970-476-5995
Online Reservationhttp://www.vailskitech.com/

Ski Trip Tips

Trip Packing List

A big part of the trip is just getting ready for it before you leave! [Attached Here] is a handy checklist to help you plan everything for packing. 

Ski & Snowboard Slope Tips

  • Workout your legs (Quadriceps, Calfs & Tibialis Anterior) and core (Abs & balancing exercises) to prepare for your time on the hill. Low weight, high reps will build that "all day" endurance that you are looking for.
  • Pack ski clothes in your carry-on. This way if your luggage gets lost, you can still enjoy the mountain.
  • Eat a good breakfast. Supplement with Vitamin C and all kinds of Vitamin B for energy.
  • To avoid losing your gloves or mitts, utilize either the built-in glove leashes in your jacket or the leashes that come with your gloves or mitts.
  • Put energy bars in your jacket pocket or backpack and eat them as a mid morning snack. This will allow you to avoid the lunchtime crowds.
  • Remember to always drink alot of water when at high altitudes.
  • Never wipe the inside of your goggles; this will scratch the anti fog film. The best way to avoid goggle fog is to put them on and leave them on.
  • Keep a trail map with you on the slopes, preferably in an easily accessible pocket.
  • Check your snowboard and ski bindings to make sure that they remain tight throughout the day.
  • Use the buddy system while skiing or snowboarding and have someone you check in with outside who you are skiing with that expects you to check in just in case you don't make it back from skiing. Especially if you are skiing on the less marked or less traveled trails.

How to Stay Warm & Dry

The best way to stay warn on the slopes is proper layering! I tell people there is no such thing as bad weather but bad clothing. Below is some hints on how to layer up to beat the cold.
  • LAYER ONE: The layer closest to the body provides insulating qualities and pulls moisture away from the skin.
  • MID LAYERS: Multiple layers of clothing. With proper high performance components, it traps your own body heat between the layers to keep you warm while skiing/snowboarding.
  • PROTECTIVE LAYER: The outermost shell fabric is the last layer which protects you from wind, rain or snow. Wicking.
The purpose of wicking is to draw the moisture away from the skin to the next layers, which makes you feel warmer and more comfortable. Being wet makes you feel cold. When moisture has moved from the skin into (nonabsorbent) clothing, it will evaporate faster. Synthetic materials such as polyester and microfiber fabrics are good choices as they do not absorb moisture. Stay away from all cotton as they will retain moisture.

Altitude Sickness

Many of you are going to be making a large altitude adjustment over the course of the trip. This altitude difference puts a strain on your body and on average about 20% of the group if not more will feel one or more symptoms of altitude sickness.

Some of the symptoms are: Dizziness, Light Headed, Nausia, Weakness, Headache, and Stomach Ache

So the question is what do you do about it?
  1. Drink water and tons of it! Dehydration really drives up the effects of altitude sickness. With the effects of both the higher altitude plus the dryer climate you heavily dehydrate just by sitting and breathing. If you are not having to... uhh.. "dehydrate" ... ever one to two hours during the day you likely are not drinking enough.
  2. Take it easy, especially your first day! Let your body adjust to the change in climate. It takes generally at least a day for your body to start to adapt to the change.
  3. Avoid Alcohol, Coffee, or Tea. At least until you know how you are feeling from the change while making sure you keep hydrated. These are diuretics and help dehydrate you not helping the situation any.
  4. Know your limits. If you start feeling bad then take a break, get some water, and chill until you feel better. The worst thing you can do is force it and make yourself worse.
If you have the above symptoms and they continue to get worse after a good period of rest and hydration then you may want to seek outside medical guidance.

Travel Insurance

So, you have spent all of this money to go skiing and then something happens to where you can’t enjoy the experience. That’s where trip insurance comes in. I have not personally used these companies. Atlanta Ski Club and I are not endorsing the below companies in any way. I provide them below for you to research.


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