About Me

I can sleep when i'm dead.....

This is the home of a computer engineer and outdoorsman that is just trying to enjoy life as much as he can. This site has taken many forms over the years. Most of them with next to nothing on it or with some content trying to make it something useful for others but without the time and energy to do such. Not to worry, its time to turn it into what it should have been to begin with. A personal portal for my hobbies to help me with what I do. So here it is in all its glory (I know, it was sarcastic) <Grin>. 

The active outdoor lifestyle should not be something you do every once in awhile. Its a way of life that everyone should seek to live. The people that live an outdoor lifestyle get what life is about and just happy to be living it. Why not trade an hour of TV for a run in the park, a weekend doing chores for a hike in the woods, or even a lifetime sitting in a corporate office for a lifetime on the river. I challenge everyone to pick one of the hundreds of activities possible outdoors, find a group that enjoys the same interests, and go do it. I promise that whatever happens regret won't be part of it." -Matthew

About Me

Name: Matthew Crawford
Age:    29

Vocation: Computer Engineer

Summer Hobby: Whitewater
Winter Hobby:    Skiing

Outdoor Certifications
  • ACA Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Instructor
  • Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certified